Accused Bank Robber Apparently Battled Drugs

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(Memphis) Flames burned through a Midtown apartment Friday, forcing many people out in the cold. The apartment building was also the on-again-off-again home for Matthew Schweitzer.

He was arrested on Nov. 5 for robbing two Suntrust banks inside Kroger grocery stores in the past few weeks.

“Don't do drugs” were the only words spoken by Schweitzer's mom outside of federal court.

She was there with his sister, who he bunked with at times in the Midtown apartment that burned Friday.

The ladies left the courthouse after hearing Schweitzer's lawyer ask to put him in a drug treatment center because of an addiction to heroine and methadone.

The two drugs are costly.

Drug counselor Norman Miller said when your paycheck isn't enough to get it, you steal.

Miller said it’s usually from family, and then it gets worse.

That's what Schweitzer's lawyer said happened to him.

His parents put him out, he lost a job as a chef, and then he found a way to walk out of banks with large wads of cash.

Schweitzer's lawyer said he didn't have a gun in the robbery.

In fact, in one of them she said it wasn't him, but another man who authorities also arrested.

Family members are left trying to put things back together

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