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National Congress of Black Women

Memphis now has its own chapter of a national organization, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of African American women and their families.

Dr. Brenda Taylor and Alfonsia Merriweather are two members of the new chapter of the National Congress of Black Women.


  • National Congress of Black Women
  • Installation Ceremony
  • November 17   3 p.m.
  • LeMoyne-Owen College





  • hateliberalcommies

    Complete double standard. You try to come out with a White American women organization and watch the marches start..

  • me so phat

    i agree w/Bozo & hateliber because if organizations like this were EFFECTIVE (!) then it would make sense. Forget about it being racist, how is it helping? young black are seeing or making a difference. they’re having babies without fathers, they will fall for anything, they are not making a difference with the black male….what does this organization do? sit around and pretend to be white? they need to get out there and help or disband.

  • Ron

    Me so phat, How about going to the installation ceremony and find out about what they have done and are still doing. I have personally helped to chaperone some kids in their college for teen program. The college for kids program is a program that kids go for nine weeks on a Saturday learn about different careers, talk to people who are experts in their fields, some go on field trips. These are just two examples of what they are doing all over the country.

    From what I have observed from this particular organization is that instead of meeting and talking, they are acting and doing.

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