Memphis Filipinos Praying For Family Back Home

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(Memphis) It's estimated about 5,000 to 6,000 Filipinos live in Memphis.

Many of them are wondering how their loved ones back home are doing.

They still don't have answers because phone lines are still down in the ravaged parts of the Philippines.

Family members are just left to wait to hear if their loved ones survived.

“All my relatives are there,” said Cristina Conley.

Conley says she's lived in Memphis with her children since 1994 but her heart right now is back home.

“A lot of people are dying.”

Her father's side of the family is in the middle of the utter devastation in the Philippines.

A typhoon Friday flattened towns, flooded streets and killed about 10,000 people.

Survivors are struggling to find basics like food and water.

“My family’s town is bad, really bad.”

We caught up with Conley at the International Market on Ridgeway that offers Filipino food for locals.

One of the store's employees is also from the Philippines. Monday, she was in Nashville, thinking about her aunt back home.

“My mother's sister lives in one of the towns and we haven't gotten in touch with her because the telephone lines are down,” said Beth Anthamatten.

Conley also doesn't know if her relatives and friends survived.

“I am not sure because I am here. No contact there right now,” said Conley. “They need light, food, medicine, everything.”

With two million people impacted by the typhoon's aftermath, most Filipinos in the Mid-South know someone in the middle of it.

Local churches say they are praying for the country.

Conley hopes prayers turn to help.

“Everyone in the church, everybody who has money, they need to help.”

The Red Cross says if you would like to donate to help the Philippines, you can donate online or over the phone and designate your donation to the "Philippines Typhoon."