Shirtless T-Mobile Customer Tries to Bite Police Officer

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(Memphis) You’ve heard of taking a bite out of crime, but what about taking a bite out of the crime-fighter?

A Memphis man is accused of hitting a police officer and then trying to bite him several times.

It all happened Saturday at the T-Mobile store at 1330 Poplar Avenue.

Workers say they first noticed 24-year-old Danterrio Dansberry when he walked in the store shirtless to charge his phone on one of the display chargers.

One employee says Dansberry  was acting suspicious in a store full of customers. That employee called her supervisor who then called police.

When officers arrived, Dansberry was asked to leave the store.

He refused to get off the property and said police couldn’t make him go away or even ask him for identification.

When officers told him he was being arrested, Dansberry put on gloves that were in his pocket and told officers he wasn’t going to jail without a fight.

Officers sprayed pepper spray on Dansberry, but that only made him fight harder.

According to a police affidavit,  he hit an officer in the chest with his elbows and attempted to bite the same officer several times.

Other police officers showed up to help take Dansberry into custody.

He’s charged with Assault, Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.


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