It Could Be Days Before Power Restored in Scorched Midtown Apartments

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(Memphis) It could be a week before power is turned back on at a Midtown apartment complex that caught on fire on Friday.

Around 40 people live at the complex, but only the back units were destroyed.

George Orange said he is forced to stay with a friend.

"Well, you know you just have to make arrangements to be some place else right now," said Orange.

The landlord at Colonial Apartments said he cut the power until a licensed electrician can look at the building. That may not be until next week.

"Sun finally goes down, we are lighting candles. It's getting really cold. We still haven't eaten anything," said resident Carly Fritz.

Fritz said she and her neighbors called the landlord to get answers, but no one was able to reach him.

"So we called MLGW one more time. They informed us that the manager told them the apartments were unlivable, and they were not going to turn utilities back on," said Fritz.

Fritz said many people at the apartment have nowhere to go and will live at the complex until the power comes back on.