Accused Ax Murderer Found Innocent Of All Charges, Now A Free Man


(Memphis) A man accused of being an ax murderer walked out of jail a free man after three years behind bars.

A jury deliberated for just over four hours before finding Joshua Cline not guilty of the crime. Cline would’ve faced the death penalty had he been found guilty.

The former Marine was accused of using an ax to kill his uncle and his uncle’s girlfriend at their home near the University of Memphis. The bodies were found on Christmas Eve in 2010.

Shortly after the verdict was read, Cline’s family gathered outside 201 Poplar waiting to hear when he would be released.

Cline’s mother said he loved his uncle and would never have killed him. She says police rushed to judgement in arresting her son.

“They just automatically charged him. They didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. They arrested him and threw him in jail when he was just coming out of a coma but my baby’s coming out and that’s all that’s important right now,” said Brenda Cline.

Cline’s release was delayed a few hours because he had to post bond for two minor unrelated charges.


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