WREG Helps North Memphis Neighbors Get Help With Six-Month-Old Pothole

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(Memphis) Cars have been driving around a roadblock for months at Graham Street  south of Macon Road.

A huge pothole had a barricade around it with work signs, but neighbors say they never saw any work going on to fix it.

"On weekends cars come through here and its like a game to hit the barricade," says Tina Hardin, who lives in the area.

Neighbors' calls for help went unanswered.

The city told them the barricade signs belonged to MLGW and it was their issue, but neighbors say they could never get a live person from MLGW on the phone.

So for months the pothole sat, growing larger until fed-up families called News Channel 3.

We sent  pictures to MLGW and the City of Memphis.

Within minutes, we got a response.

"There is no utility anywhere in sight," said the MLGW worker who showed up to inspect the barricade.

"This is the city's barricade here. These are ours," said the worker.

He said the pothole is a city issue and citizens may have taken the MLGW barricades from somewhere else and put them up as a safety measure.

"This is a pothole that turned into a sink hole and it's eventually gonna get a lot bigger," said the MLGW worker.

A few minutes later, we got an email from the City of Memphis Public Works Department telling crews to dispatch someone to the location and fill the pothole, which by our measurements was 15-by-12 inches wide.

"It will definitely mess up your alignment easily, depending on a new car or not, you don't want something like that in the street," said Josh Nuesch, who lives on the street.

"You see city trucks sitting around doing nothing all day at restaurants. OK, we pay for the gas while the trucks are running. We have stuff like this sitting here for six months. You need to do something," said Tina Hardin.

Friday afternoon, the Public Works Department sent another email saying city crews had been dispatched to the fill the pothole on Graham.

They are still determining how the barricades got there and why it took months for any action.