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School Saga Creates Property Value Concerns

(Germantown, TN) Josh Henderson is worried that Germantown Elementary, Middle and High will not be run by the new Germantown city school system.

“Part of the decision of where we bought where we did was to have access to Germantown schools," said Henderson.

Could it make his home worth less?

People are wondering how their homes' value will change.

Realtor Ed Reak said it depends on where you live.

“If you live outside the limits of Germantown, there are a lot of questions,” said Reak.

“If you're in the system, your school will be maintained and monitored by a much smarter administration."

That perception is what angers Shelby County School Board Member Kevin Woods.

He demanded Germantown's mayor take action.

“As a mayor of Germantown it has to be near and dear to you what people think of a property value with that perception,” said Woods.

The mayor agreed with Woods, but because people think the new district will be better, homes in Germantown are already selling for more and neighborhoods not in the cross-hairs selling for the most.

“We live in times where everything comes to business it's sad education has been put in same category,” said Henderson.

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