Battle Over Germantown Students Could Leave Parents Voiceless

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(Germantown, TN) Germantown and Shelby County Schools are fighting over students, and some parents say their children's education is getting lost in the arguments.

Germantown wants to keep its elementary, middle and high schools once it splits off to form a school district, even though the county says no way because most of those students don't even live in Germantown.

“We should have some input. We're caught in the middle. And no one I'd looking out for this area,” said parent Bwendolyn Scott.

Scott's daughter went to Germantown elementary, middle and high.

She doesn't think the schools should be a part of Germantown's municipal school district.

If the schools are, parents like her can't vote for the school board or run for it, even though their kids go there, because she doesn't live in Germantown.

“We should have a say. If our kids are going to go to that school then we should have a say or a vote on the board about how that school is going to run,” said Scott.

This impacts families in unincorporated Shelby county, Southwind, and parts of south Cordova who go to Germantown schools.

Parents like Joanna young tweeted News Channel 3 saying. "this south Cordova parent would rather have no rep on the Germantown municipal board than what we have on the Shelby county school board.”

Wednesday Germantown mayor Sharon Goldsworthy presented a plan to keep all eight schools in its city limits and current students in exchange for a 40-year lease of buildings.

School board member are skeptical.

“When we have at least 50 percent or more of the population in those schools, those schools should remain with the Shelby County School district,” said board member Kevin Woods.

Real negotiations can't start until Germantown school board members takes office in December.

Germantown's mayor says the city must keep all of the schools and attendance zones because it encourages a diverse learning environment and parent involvement.