National Backlash Stemming From Two Holidays, Brides In Bikinis And More?

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Here today are Tracy Bethea from Halleljah 95.7 FM, Steve Conley from Classic Hits 94.1 and our own Kris Anderson.

You may have seen this picture making the rounds.

It's a Michigan woman dressed for Halloween, as a victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Now she's getting death threats.

People have tracked down her address and other personal information.

She's receiving awful mail.

Are the haters any better, than she is?

An Arizona couple says a principal threatened to kick their eight-year-old son out of school, over so-called violent drawings.

He drew a soldier and a ninja.

The principal also cited the boy's journal, where he described how he would escape a killer-zombie.

Is the principal right to be concerned, or are we not letting kids be kids anymore?

Brides in bikinis?

It's a new wedding trend.

We're seeing more of it, of course, mostly on beaches.

But even then, is it tacky?

We told you about this yesterday, and almost immediately the nationwide backlash, began.

Kmart will open at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving, and staying open for 41 hours straight until 11p.m. on Black Friday.

Customers are threatening to boycott, calling the decision "heartless," "greedy," and "shameful".

Kmart responded, saying it would try to use seasonal workers or volunteers.





  • William Howard Wiggins

    Who are these people and why should I care about their uninformed opinions? This is one good example of why I don’t watch local television anymore.

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