Shelby Co. Sheriff Has Yet to Take Action Against Employee Who Broke the Rules

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(Shelby County, TN) Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham has yet to take action against an employee who broke the rules.

"I'm disappointed. Right now, I'm gathering all the facts. Examining the policies and protocols," said Oldham.

Public Information Officer Chip Washington sent out a press release on an official letterhead using a county e-mail announcing the sheriff's re-election.

Former U.S. Attorney David Kustoff said if the federal government helps pay Washington's salary,  he also broke a federal law.

Kustoff said Washington could be suspended and even fired for what he did.

"People should not be conducting campaign activities while on the job," said Kustoff.

News Channel 3 put in a request to talk to Oldham to see where his investigation stood, but we were told he was "all tied up" today. All interview requests go through Washington.

Washington did send out an apology, but Kustoff said the damage is done.

News Channel 3 put in a public information request to find out if the federal government helps pay for Washington's salary. We are waiting to hear back.


  • Robert L Walker

    The sharks are in the water on this, and smell blood. They are slobbering at the mouth. Chip is going to be the scapegoat for something a lot bigger than using the wrong stationary.

  • Greg

    No! But slandering people just for a story and not letting it be handle, but only flabbergastering every chance they get. I have never heard the outcome of Rob’s case ex-anchor man.

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