Police Catch Shooter In Frayser

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(Memphis) A young man was shot in the chest in Frayser.

We're told he's expected to survive.

The man who police say shot him was arrested close to where the shooting on Ashland happened.

The suspect ran and tried to hide in a house about two blocks away but police swooped in and got him.

Police swarmed a house on Watkins.

“I heard them over there beating on the door,” said Debby Knowles, who is renovating a house nearby.

After beating on the door, police pulled out a young man accused of shooting another young man just down the street.

“His name is Ladarious Townsend,” said Jerry Bemley.

Bemley says the 22-year-old victim is his son's best friend.  They live across the street from each other, “I heard his girlfriend crying.”

Bemley says the shooter walked through Ladarious Townsend's backyard and knocked on the bedroom door.

When Townsend answered, the criminal shot him in the chest. Townsend's girlfriend cried for help, getting Bemley and his son's attention.

“He ran across there to see what was going on with Ladarious and that`s when he found out everything.”

Rescue workers rushed Townsend to the hospital while police scoured the area for the shooter.  Leads led them to the house on Watkins.

“They asked me if I knew the people and I said, ‘No, I didn’t,'” said Knowles.

Police got him in custody and plan to charge him with attempted first degree murder.

“Police were only there a few minutes and they got their man,”’ said Knowles.

The victim's best friend says he believes the shooting was some sort of gang initiation.

We are still awaiting word on the suspect's name. We hear he might be a juvenile.

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