100 Southeast Memphis Seniors Could Be Homeless After the Holidays

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(Memphis) A hundred senior citizens on fixed incomes could be kicked out of their Southeast Memphis apartment just after the holidays if the owner can't pay $220,000 in taxes owed to the county.

A green sign taped to the front door of Ascension Towers apartments caught Willie Slater's attention. "It's devastating. I can't say it enough," said Slater. "We have until January 6 to find somewhere else to live."

A warning from the Shelby County Trustees Office stating the owners owe $224,000 in taxes.

If they don't pay it by January 6, the building on Stuart Road will be auctioned off.

Slater said around 100 seniors live in the apartments, and many of them are on disability. "Walking on walkers. Confined to wheel chairs. Very feeble," said Slater.

People living in the apartments said every time they ask questions, the office tells them not to worry. They will find the money.

News Channel 3 put in several calls to the office and left a couple of messages. No one has returned our call.


  • Ron Shaffer

    Why are the seniors made to pay for this? Why doesn’t the city just allow them to stay there and pay the city under the same contract. Why have another empty building and people homeless when the city has the means to do the right thing especially this time of the year and to the elderly to boot.

  • Deja Brew

    Yeah put senior citizens out of home in the freezing cold for ONE irresponsible human who doesn’t know how to pay what is owed. Gotta love Memphis!

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