Wedding Fireworks Spark Panic In Memphis

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(Memphis) Some people in east Memphis who were hoping for an extra hour of sleep when the time changed Saturday night were sorely disappointed as a fireworks show at the Memphis Botanic garden woke up terrified people for miles around.

As Barrett and Kimberly Guthrie exchanged vows emails were going around the neighborhoods surrounding the botanic gardens describing the wedding fireworks as sounding like a WWII Battle or gang fight.

Even worse, people were calling 911 because they thought there were rampant shootings or explosions.

“That was the problem. People didn’t know what it was,” said Elizabeth Collier, who lives down the street from the botanic gardens.

Collier said her neighbors are furious and many had children in a panic because of loud sounds they thought were gunshots.

Memphis Police even had to send out squad cars because of multiple 911 calls.

“Most people think it should not have happened that time of night. It would be one thing if it happened at 7:30 or 8 at night,” said Collier.

News Channel 3 couldn't talk to the bride and groom because they're on their honeymoon, but the couple's wedding planner at Social Butterfly says the fireworks were a surprise gift from the bride to the groom, and they were supposed to be fired at 11 but were pushed back to 12:30 because they didn’t want people to think the party was over.

The planner says the couple is distraught because they are being villainize and attacked over social media, and she claims the family regrets the fireworks.

The Memphis Fire Department claims the couple had all permits and even a fire truck on standby.

Memphis FD approved the later permit even though it violated the city’s noise ordinance which prevents loud noises between 11 PM and 7 AM.

The Fire department says they don’t regulate noise ordinance and that doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction.

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  • Justin

    Who’s getting introuble over this…. Probably not the blushing bride. I just wonder if bribes were involved and if it will be swept under the rug with the Memphis fie department?

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