Man Accused Of Robbing Man, Trying To Cut Off His Finger And Ear

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(Memphis) A Memphis man sits in jail, accused of a brutal robbery, even trying to cut off his victim’s finger and ear.

It took police almost two months to find the man they say did it.

Troy Joyner is now locked up on a $750,000 bond.

People on Saddleback Circle heard bits and pieces of the story.

“The man was robbed, stabbed,” said one neighbor.

They didn’t hear everything.

“Very crazy to try and cut off his ear and finger. That’s even more wild than I would have imagined,” said another neighbor.

Police say Joyner busted into a home demanding access to the homeowner’s safe.

They say Joyner and an accomplice pistol-whipped the man in the head, stabbed him in the back and attempted to cut off his ear and finger.

The attack happened all while an air conditioning repairman was at the house.

Police say Joyner tied up the repairman and told him “he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“They stole the repairman’s vehicle, drove around the corner, got out that repairman’s vehicle and got in their own vehicle and took off,” said a neighbor.

Almost two months later, police finally caught up with Joyner and arrested him.

They say he stole $1,600 from the victim’s safe, along with jewelry and a cell phone. He’s also accused of robbing the A/C repairman, taking his wallet, cellphone and keys to his car.

The robbery victim says the repairmen recently called him to see if he was alright.

“I heard he went to the hospital and had to get some work done,” said a neighbor.

The victim says his finger, ear and back are healing, but doesn’t want to relive what happened that day.

Neighbors believe the crime was personal and police say Joyner knew the victim, who is Joyner’s cousin’s boyfriend.

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  • Tim

    The fact these crooks knew they would be identified is terrifying. It’s speaks to an inability to recognize the consequences, or a total disregard of them. Either proves their inability to ever be able to live in a free society. What percentage of our society is like this?

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