We Get Answers About The Mysterious East Memphis “Explosions”

Posted on: 3:12 am, November 3, 2013, by and , updated on: 02:00pm, November 4, 2013

Wedding photo from Facebook

Wedding photo from Facebook

(East Memphis) Mysterious explosions startled hundreds of people in East Memphis early Sunday morning.

People reported hearing loud booms in the area northwest of Mount Moriah and I-240 shortly after 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Calls flooded into News Channel 3 and to the Mount Moriah Police precinct.

It turns out the fireworks were set off during a wedding at the Memphis Botanic Garden.

Internet records show Kimberly Romanow and Barrett Guthrie were married at the botanic garden Saturday night.

While the City of Memphis has noise ordinance which prohibits disruption between 11p.m. to 7 a.m., the couple had a special permit.

The original permit allowed fireworks until 11 p.m. but we’re told the Memphis Fire Department agreed to extend that until 11:50 a.m.

We are looking into why that extension was approved.

The couple has removed their wedding website and Romanow-Guthrie’s Twitter account is now private.

Numerous complaints were posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Memphis police were inundated with calls to both 911 and the non-emergency number from people who were concerned.



  • Stephanie says:

    Do more follow up on this story! Who was allowed to pull a permit for a display to start after midnight in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And WHY?

  • Erica says:

    Yes, pls do follow up!

  • Lisa says:

    That is the WEAKEST coverage I have ever seen. There are some of us with insomnia as well as special needs kids with who were robbed of precious sleep and peace of mind. What pretentious, arrogant, selfish behavior! I don’t care how much money was involved, I don’t care who was paid off.

    The people that did this/allowed this to happen have a mindset that speaks to the lack of courtesy our society has today.

  • Johnny says:

    I live near Kirby Parkway and Messick and it woke us up and was loud for over 20 minutes…

  • M Cullen says:

    Who signed off on this? Fireworks after midnight? Are they insane??

  • M says:

    Follow up please! Who was allowed to do this at 12:30? We called 911 because it was literally in our backyard.

    • Glen Jackson says:

      THUNDER,LIGHTING HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT WAKES ME UP!!! We don’t blame – - – Let the young be young,Don’t try to control everything!!!!

  • RJ says:

    I live near Mt Moriah it sure woke me up. I thought it was gun shots. A fireworks show should be at like 9 PM not after midnight.

  • Glen Jackson says:


    • BamBam84 says:

      Just because it was a happy time, does not mean sleep wasn’t lost. Plan for the afternoon next time, instead of this obvious publicity stunt for a wedding.

    • Hard Truths says:

      Whoever got married did not respect the rights of thousands of other human beings.

      That is that.

    • MsMeg says:

      You did not lose sleep, maybe. But you are not the only person in the world Mister Caps Lock.

  • M says:

    The problem is that thunder and lightning can be explained. When you hear explosions in the middle if the night in November, you don’t expect fireworks. These weren’t everyday do it yourself kind. They were huge and loud. With all the trees people nearby couldn’t see them in the sky.

  • John Myers says:

    People always crying and complaining. Boo hoo, get over it people

  • E says:

    I’m sorry some of you lost 30 minutes of sleep on a weekend, but it was only the finale of the greatest wedding ever. Sorry you weren’t invited.

    • ME says:

      Personally I am thrilled I am not friends with anyone that is that over indulgent, self centered, rude, and inconsiderate, that thinks that they are entitled to wake up an entire city, many of whom are sick, disabled, elderly, alone, and scared. I would not want those type of people in my life. That’s what’s wrong with this world, anyway. What a disgusting display of selfishness and lack of character.

  • Glen Jackson says:


  • Glen Jackson says:

    No sleep lost? They never had it.?????

  • John Myers says:

    Plus everybody got an extra hour of sleep anyway for the time change!!!!!!

  • Wedding guest says:

    Actually it was only 5 minutes!!! A 20 minute show would of cost $100,000!!! It was a beautiful ending to a wonderful night and you insomnia people know you loved the show!!

    • Debbie says:

      U do not know what ur talking about. Almost 30 minutes of explosions. I could not see the fire works. Go back 2 sleep? HA.

  • Maryellen Eaves says:

    I am happy that someone had a nice wedding and wish the newly married couple all the best. However, the fireworks could have been set off at 9:00 or 10:00 rather than 12:30. The noise woke me up and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep for several hours. The couple and their families had every right to celebrate, but they should have given more consideration to others in the timing of fireworks. I also think a permit never should have been issued for fireworks at that time of night. Is this the end of the world? No, but it was inconsiderate and steps should be taken to see that this doesn’t happen in the future.

    • Hard Truths says:

      It was deeply inconsiderate to set off fireworks at that hour of the night.

    • MsMeg says:

      You really can’t expect the 1% to care if they wake the peasants. They honestly don’t care, as is apparent in these comments from their “friends”.

  • Erica says:

    It has nothing to do with control… It speaks loudly to the lack or respect people have for others and the self-centered entitled attitude many in our society have today. “it’s all about me and my special day”. I pray the marriage lasts longer than than 5 hot minutes of fireworks.

  • Maryellen Eaves says:

    As for losing sleep on a weekend, please remember that not everyone has weekends off. Many people still have to go to work early on weekend mornings.

    • Vivian says:

      They must be above the law

      Sec. 9-68-1. Loud, disturbing and unnecessary noises generally.

      The creating of any unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise within the limits of the city is prohibited. Any noise of such character, intensity or duration as to be detrimental to the life or health of any individual, or in disturbance of the public peace and welfare is prohibited.

      (Code 1967, § 24-1; Code 1985, § 22-1)

  • Luke says:

    They’ll be divorced in two years.

  • Justin says:

    Google Memphis botanic gardens November 2
    Kim Romanov and Barrett Guthrie is what comes up….just saying thanks Kim

  • Eric says:

    Glad they had fun, but if you can afford a 4th-of-July-at-the-River fireworks display at your wedding, then you can afford a hundred bucks or so to flyer the surrounding homes in the neighborhood your plans so we know what the hell is going on when it sounds like Red Dawn starting outside after midnight. I don’t think some people in this thread understand how loud this was. Also, percussive, like the explosives these things are/were. The article makes it sound like these were some drunks with bottle rockets. It was much more than that. Remember sound resonates, it bounces off of things, it echoes. It was loud and chaotic for us in our homes across the street.

  • Another wedding guest says:

    I’m pretty sure that most of y’all have nothing better to do than sit and gripe about a loud noise. Please let me know if this is the first time you, your child, someone lonely or scared has woken up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. You’ll be the only one in America and should be a record holder of some sort. I’ll go ahead and give you some advice… Go to bed earlier tonight if you’re just so tired you can’t hold your eyes open because of a fireworks show.

    As for you hoping we had a good time, we did. Thanks. And you’re right, it was better than any 4th of July show.

    Thank you, lady, for the quoting the law to us. How much sleep did you lose by googling that?

    And yes, they will be married longer than two years or 5 hot minutes.

    As for everything else, cry about it some more.

  • Melissa says:

    I feel sorry for all the pet owners who were unaware of the situation and had their animals run off in fear for the inconvenience
    of being let out at the wrong place and time! It is common courtesy to let the show go on early and make the public aware of the situation. Yes, young couple, there are a lot of people who do work early on weekends and it is bratty of your friends to feel entitled that it is their (and your) right to create a public nuisance. Grow up.

  • Chris says:

    It didn’t even sound like regular fireworks, more like bombs going off. Entitled people with too much money.

  • Ashley says:

    White privilege!
    Remember when the folks downtown got pepper sprayed and arrested last week?
    Entitled people with too much money is right, Chris.

  • Ash says:

    God, fireworks are the worst thing ever. I mean, it may as well have been gunshots – just another day in Memphis. Let’s not make happy times with fireworks – it really angers me. I went out and bought blackout curtains and ear plugs for the next privileged white people who have the nerve to celebrate their wedding. I had to wake up to set up my fantasy football lineup this morning. Do you know how slothful I felt after I had been sleeping for about an hour? Terrible.

    • ME says:

      Annnnnnd there’s that sense of entitlement this generation is so famous for. “Everyone bow down and give up your night’s sleep for MY wedding! Because life’s all about ME! ME! ME!”

  • i love fireworks says:

    They had a permit, by the way. It also isn’t required to let you guys know about a 10-minute disturbance at 12:30 AM on a weekend. I’d really be shocked if ANYONE told someone about their upcoming fireworks show. I’m glad they didn’t tell you because all of you guys are probably angry people to begin with. Hope you got your naps today, babies.

    • melanieb112 says:

      There it is again. Me me me. No consideration for anyone. Sick? Elderly? WHO CARES!!! I WANT MY FIREWORKS!!!!

    • Ashley says:

      After midnight is just disrespectful to people who live near the venue. Any kind of advanced warning would have been nice.
      I hope no one ever sets fireworks off near your residence when you’re trying to sleep, but if someone does I hope they get a permit so they can tell you to get over it and feel smug about it.

  • Wedding Guest 2 says:

    Duh. I love fireworks.

    Also, you guys feed trolls. It’s too easy.

  • David Tartera says:

    Who’s wedding was it anyway?

    • Justin says:

      David, if my sources are correct it was Barrett and Kim Guthrie. Google November 2 wedding Memphis botanic gardens

  • Wedding guest #1000 says:

    I was at the wedding too…….GET OVER IT……..I guess many people here are never awoken in the middle of the night and can make a better effort of complaining than going back to sleep. It was spectacular!!!!

  • Kiel Yosef says:


  • pure swag we we says:

    this was super load and disrespectfull this people need to pay a fine

  • Jason says:

    Cry more you big babies. Something exciting happened in your lives and this is all you can do? Complain and moan?

  • Joe Williams says:

    Typical Memphis people on here… whining and complaining about a whole lot of nothing. “You woke me up”…. “did they have a permit”…that was very disrespectful”… freaking waaaaaaaaa… Get over it you big babies. Most of you are just p-o’ed because you can not afford to do something like this.

  • xoxox says:

    I’m enjoying all the comments at least Joe Williams isn’t doing his everyday racist talk today …GO JOE !

  • Whaaaaaa! Rich people got woke up!

  • Don Keeton says:

    I’m happy they shot off fireworks. I was driving and pulled over and got some great pictures with my dslr camera. Thanks for the show!

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