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Woman Injured During MPD Police Chase

(Memphis) Friday, we got more of an explanation from police about Wednesday’s high speed chase through Cordova.

The chase started near Germantown Parkway and ended in a residential neighborhood at Chimney Rock and Dexter.

Police originally said they were chasing a carjacking suspect.

It turns out the car wasn’t stolen at all.

Now, one Lakeland, Tenn., woman says that’s not the only reason the chase shouldn’t have happened.

“If the guy had been one more inch, came over one more inch closer to me, I probably wouldn't be here today because he was going just that fast,” said Belecia Sims.

Sim’s driver side window and rear view mirror were shattered when Paul Vlasak hit her and kept going.

Right behind him, she says were five or six speeding Memphis police cars.

“I know the police along with that guy had to be going over 90 miles down that small little street,” said Sims.

A check of the Cadillac police immediately after the chase revealed it was actually rented by suspect Vlasak and not stolen.

Police explained the mix-up in communication today.

A spokesperson said an officer had approached Vlasak about stealing from lockers at a YMCA where they worked out and Vlasak ran out to get away when the officer asked him about the thefts.

When that officer saw Vlasak slide into the passenger’s side of a car and another guy jump out, he assumed it was a carjacking.

After hearing that, Sims believes officers overreacted and the chase didn’t have to happen.

She says both police and Vlasak are responsible for her accident.

She said, “If they weren't going so fast down the road chasing him, there's a possibility it wouldn't have happened.”

Sims stayed in the hospital overnight after the crash.

The accident complicated her heart condition but she is expected to be okay.

“It could have been much worse. I thank God I had angels protecting me,” she said.

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