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Woman Hits Woman With Car After Love Triangle

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(Memphis) A South Memphis woman says she knows things could be a lot worse after being hit by a car.

Police say Jasmine Joiner was hit on purpose.

Joiner says she’s traumatized.

“Me against a car. I thank God, nobody but God."

She's standing with just bruises and scrapes. No broken bones.

Things could have been much worse.

“I thought she was going to speed out of the apartments but she just came at me like 30 or 40 miles per hour.”

She says her boyfriend was two-timing her with another woman and that woman, Teria Davis, came after her with a car.

“I flew on top of the hood and fell off. My life flashed before my eyes. She did this in front of my kids and everything.”

After being hit by the car, Jasmine says she tried to run back to her apartment but Davis tried to hit her with the car again.

“When she hit me, she kept going. That's when I flew off the car and she turned around and tried to hit me again and I hopped on the curb."

Jasmine says it’s the curb that might have saved her life.

Davis couldn't get to her after that.

She sped off last Tuesday from Jasmine's South Memphis apartment complex on Cane Meadow Circle.

Police only caught up with and arrested Davis Wednesday.

They charged her with aggravated assault.  She's already out of jail on $25,000 bond.

Jasmine says she wants nothing to do with her or the man who was two-timing both of them.

She wants to move on, as a survivor.

“I thank God that I am because I could have rolled over in front of the car and she could have run over me.”

She hopes Davis does prison time and pays her restitution for the pain and suffering.


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