Chase Suspect Didn’t Carjack Getaway Vehicle

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(WREG-TV) The suspect in yesterday's car chase did not carjack the vehicle he used to try to escape police.

A police officer and the suspect, 54-year-old Paul Vlasak, were hurt during a crash that ended the chase in Cordova late Wednesday afternoon.

Police say he was renting the car. They have not identified the person who got out of the vehicle before Vlasak drove away.

The chase began when an off-duty officer working out at the Club Center YMCA learned someone was breaking into lockers and tried to confront Vlasak.

He ran to the Red Robin on Germantown Parkway, got in the car after another man exited it, and then drove away.

The officer called in the information to MPD, which sent backup.

Police chased the suspect to Dexter and Chimney Rock, where the chase ended when the suspect’s stolen black Cadillac hit three squad cars.

Some witnesses, like Lisa Akbari, questioned the need and speed of the chase, “What did the guy do that was so bad that would make them chase that fast in a neighborhood and school was getting out.”

One officer was trapped in a squad car and taken to the MED in non-critical condition.

Vlasak was also taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

A personal vehicle was also hit during the chase. No injuries were reported from that crash.

Vlasak was charged with aggravated assault, burglary, DUI, and evading arrest.


  • Joe Williams

    Like I said from the get go – mo-ron cops driving like maniacs… chasing a guy @ 90 mph for petty larceny, putting countless lives in danger on G-town Pky and Dexter during rush hour. I hope all of you who tried to defend these foolish cop see what sch-mucks you look like now. Sheeple.

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