Vandals Used Animal Shelter’s Small Dogs As Bait Dogs

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) Thirteen dogs from an animal shelter in Arkansas were let out of their cages by vandals who used some of them as "bait dogs" for fighting dogs.

Workers at the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena-West Helena, Ark., recovered the dogs, but five of them were injured -- two severely.

Shelter workers are worried a shortage of operating funds could lead to another incident.

Beth Florek, the firector of the Humane Society of the Delta, said a puppy named Jenny suffered deep bites and cuts from a vicious fighting dog.

"As you can see she has injuries to her eye with sutures. The whole side of her face including the inside of her mouth had to be repaired," said Florek.

The innocent puppy was used as a "bait dog" by vandals who damaged outdoor cages and let out 13 dogs at the animal shelter in Phillips County recently.

Florek said vandals damaged several cages while trying to get dogs out.

"They had actually cut the bottom off the door to drag the dog out from under the gate," she said.

Workers at the Humane Society of the Delta found evidence at least five of the dogs were used to "train" fighting dogs within a few feet of where their cages were.

Beth Florek pointed to a spot where one of the injured dogs was found.

"A huge part of the fight happened in this spot. With lots of blood splattered on the concrete and up on the door."

The shelter relies on donations and is currently maxed out on four-legged tenants, with more than 100 cats or dogs.

With no funding from the city or county and an annual operating budget of $100,000, there's been no way to adequately heat or cool the shelter's main offices.

The large area where dogs are caged outside has a roof, but no electricity for security lighting.

Chuck Hankins, a truck driver from Seneca, Mo., stopped by the shelter Wednesday and took a liking to a beagle named Reilly.

Hankins quickly signed the adoption papers and was glad to do something to help the shelter.

But he was outraged by the recent abuse of some of the dogs here by people who clearly don't love animals.

"And do that to innocent animals and things when nobody is around is just a terrible thing to do," said Hankins.

The director of the Humane Society of the Delta said they will prosecute the person or persons responsible for removing the dogs and causing their injuries.

Also, the A.S.P.C.A has offered a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Humane Society of the Delta

PO Box 3218, West Helena, AR 72390

The HSD also has a website:


    • Lacey Templeton

      Madalena, I volunteer at that shelter in Macon, All About Animals. We just took one of the injured dogs back yesterday because her physical wounds had healed. Sadly, whereas once she was a spirited, confident dog, she is now very skittish and unsure of everything.

  • Joe Williams

    Just low life s@umbag losers in life. Even animals have more respect for living creatures. Hopefully they find themselves on the receiving end of a cops dog and get their junk bitten off.

    • TJ

      That reply explains a lot about what kind of upbringing would produce monsters like these. Maybe we should use them as bait at the zoo.

  • karen henson

    I’m in the uk n it came up on my news feed the people who has did this r the lowest of the low n they shud be put in a cage n just given bread n water the a@@holes

  • Charlene

    Vandals write on walls and trash places. What happened here was not vandalizing property it was straight up criminal animal abuse.

  • Ashley

    I am sincerely sorry to hear of this. All About Animals Rescue Shelter in Macon, GA was recently hit by a dog fighting ring. This is truly a deplorable act. I am wishing all of the animals a speedy recovery. Hopefully the culprits will be found and punished.

  • Lacey Templeton

    I volunteer at All About Animals. Our dogs are forever changed, due to both physical and emotional injuries. Once confident, outgoing dogs are now scared and won’t play with their old friends. The award is up to $18,000 and still no one has come forward. I could not even believe when I read it had happened again. Please, everyone keep an eye on their shelters, their backyard dogs, everything. This is a horrible problem and it is growing.

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