Brighton Mayor Hires City Employees, Uses City Vehicles For Personal Construction Job

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(Brighton, TN) News Channel 3 received emails about Brighton's mayor hiring city workers for a personal construction job.

A city truck and a car with government tags were parked at a construction site on Kenwood Avenue Wednesday.

One worker said, "We all work for the city."

He later retracted his statement and said, "I don't work for the city. I am a contract laborer."

All four workers told News Channel 3 they were laying a house foundation, but wouldn't say who it was for.

Finally, one worker told News Channel 3 behind a city truck that the work was "for the mayor's son."

He told us to call Mayor Jeff Scott.

"They work for the city, but they are not employed today or yesterday or any this week," said Scott.

Scott didn't want to go on camera.

He says he is paying two city employees to lay the foundation for his son's new home.

He said they took vacation days to do the work.

"It's just something I thought was totally innocent," said Scott.

Scott said records would show the city workers he hired did not clock in these past three days, but couldn't get a copy of that until tomorrow.

He also couldn't provide any receipts, because he hasn't paid them yet.

As for those city vehicles we saw, Scott said, "As soon as I saw him, I told him I would rather him not have it down here."

Some Brighton residents were concerned city vehicles were used by employees on vacation.

"I would be very upset knowing my tax dollars were spent like that," said one resident.

"I didn't think it was a big deal for them to go down there," said Scott. "He just used that car I guess to come down there. I don't know. I didn't tell him not to. I guess I should have."

Brighton's policy states employees can drive city vehicles as long as they stay within Brighton, but nothing about when workers are on vacation.

The mayor said his hired help is not using any city tools or equipment.


  • Concerned citizen

    Even more info. One of the city employees doing the work is also the building/construction inspector. There are more things that are done that have conflicts of interest. Someone should look into the town of Brighton and it’s operations. This mayor is as crooked as the ex mayor Davis of Southaven.

  • Citizen of Brighton

    Oh and as far as the lack of a receipt…do you get paid before you do your job? If so please let me know where I can sign up for that job.

  • concerned also

    Agreed!! The so-called city ordinance official does not even do his job well!! Investigate…i’m sure there is plenty to find

  • jon doe of brighton

    He is a lying crook!!! Iv personally seen the city owned backoe tractor digging at that construction site with a city employee operating it!!!!

  • Brighton citizen

    I too have seen city owned equipment on the job site in question. When Scott was an alderman,before being elected mayor, he used the city mower to cut his yard regularly. Seems if it belongs to the city it might as well be his own. I’ve always wondered why his drive was paved at the same time as the road in front of his house. Did he pay for that or was it on the taxpayer’s dime? The state should seriously dig deeper!

  • mark laxton

    i have also heard that the city buildings are used to store personal iteams of the mayor and when the old buildings started leaking the only sections of roof repairs were over his eg and tools that he uses in his electrical business

  • Fed up with sensationalism

    I’m sorry but this is all pure sensationalism. I’ve also saw the city using the mayor’s personal tractor, bush hog, 4 wheeler, lawn mower, etc. You’re all just trying to start trouble which is pathetic in its own right especially when you don’t have all the facts. Sounds to me like you’ve got personal vendettas and news shows are not a vehicle for that type of persecution. Also on more than one occasion I’ve seen the mayor doing FREE public labor for the town. Do you go out and pull the weeds and plant flowers and such? Furthermore, the town backhoe has been seen in the yards of aldermen and the fire chief as well as the yards of ordinary citizens who need holes dug or cows buried. It’s not at all uncommon. This is a small town and we all do what we can to help each other out.

    • Concerned also

      Your wrong! I had the a city worker do work for me with the equipment BUT I PAID a a lot of money to get it done, wasn’t free AT ALL!!!

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