78-Year-Old Man Found Beaten In Park

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(Memphis) Memphis police need your help catching a suspect in a disturbing attack on an elderly man.

It happened Sunday morning at Glenview park on South Barksdale, near Lamar.

Investigators say they found a 78-year-old man unconscious and severely beaten in the park.

The victim's personal items were found a few feet away.

He’s listed in critical condition at the MED.

WREG talked to the victim’s wife and son briefly, and they say they have no idea who did this to him or why.

“We are headed to the hospital to be with him,” said Johnny Hurley’s son, Ricky Hurley.

As Hurley’s son and wife rushed off to visit him at the MED, people on his street were talking about what happened.

“For him to be in ICU like I just found out, I want police to really catch them,” said neighbor Michelle Pryor.

Police say somebody beat the 78-year-old and left him in the middle of Glenview Park.

A woman walking there Sunday morning discovered his body and thought he was dead.

Hurley was bleeding from his head and face.

“For someone to do something like that, I think is horrific,” said another neighbor.

Police say his body was found on the basketball court, along with blood and a trail of blood on the walking path nearby.

They say they also found his dentures on the ground.

“That’s somebody's granddaddy. That's somebody's dad and for you to do that makes me think you don't have a conscious,” said the neighbor.

Neighbors of the Hurley’s say the retired mechanic walks through the park all the time.

“He probably knows everyone going through there because he has been going through there for years and years, night and day,” said Thomas Hampton.

“He gets around real good for being 70 years old,” said Pryor. “I wish I had the strength he had to do all that walking like he does.”

His family is now praying he'll be able to walk again as police urge the public to help find who used violence against an elderly man.

We are still waiting on word from police whether any money was taken from Hurley. We know his identification was found there with him on the basketball court.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.


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