Sex Trafficker Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison

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(Memphis) He committed brutal crimes against women and now Terrence Yarbrough has been sentenced for ten counts of sex trafficking.

Yarbrough was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

In December 2012, Yarbrough was found guilty though the jury was deadlocked on one count of sex trafficking and found him not guilty on another.

Yarbrough forced women and girls to sell themselves and severely abused them.

The judge gave him a chance to speak in court and he chose to talk about being a sovereign citizen and then asked to be set free.

His victims were not there except for one ex-girlfriend.

Stephanie Love never worked for him as a prostitute but says she believed every word said about Yarbrough in the trial, “Because I know him. He is a monster.”

She also suffered black eyes and lasting terror from the pimp known as T-Rex., “I woke up one day with a gun to my head and he was laughing.”

Prosecutors say no place on this planet is suited for the man but a prison cell.

Yarbrough beat his victims with crowbars, lead pipes, dog chains, pad locks and hangers.

He knocked teeth out of their mouths and beat them while pregnant.

Some were thrown down stairs, burned with irons and scalding water.

Prosecutors say it was all to gain ultimate control over his victims.

Love says Yarbrough tried to get her to prostitute in 2003 but that never happened.

However, the beatings did.

“When the DA asked me to testify it brought up a lot of wounds that that I thought I had hidden away,” said Love. “So this is my closure.”

Love says Yarbrough has shown no remorse for what he's done to her and a judge took his lack of empathy for all of his victims into account for sentencing.

Prosecutors say since being locked-up, he's declared himself a sovereign citizen, meaning if he ever was released, he would have no respect for the law.

Yarbrough won't be released from prison until he's in his 80s. He has 14 days to notify the court if he plans to appeal.


  • Alex

    I’m surprised this horrible disgusting man only got 45 years. In my opinion we should allow Capitol punishment for detestable people such as him. He should be put in the lowest of the low; in a dark small box and only given water through a nasty rusted bucket and served nasty food on a board and forced to eat with his fingers. He should be treated as he treated these innocent young people. He will never ever have a chance to stand in front of out greater being; he will go straight to the bottom and never eer come up. These type of people make my skin crawl.

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