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MPD Officers Accused Of Confiscating Phones, Erasing Video

Posted on: 10:28 pm, October 29, 2013, by , updated on: 10:29pm, October 29, 2013

(Memphis) Memphis Police officers are accused of trying to stop people from recording their actions.

“I had the phone out like this, and I told them I am recording,” said Brandon Sails. “He grabbed me, slammed me on the police cruiser a few times or whatever and put me in handcuffs.”

Sails said by pressing record on his cellphone, he was locked up for disorderly conduct.

Sails said he was using his cellphone video to record officers excessively kicking and beating his neighbor last week in Eden Point Apartments.

“Before he sits me in the car, they take my phone,” said Sails.

He said when he got his phone back, the video was gone.

Days later, police responded to a noise complaint at a downtown hip-hop gathering.

People who were holding their cellphones, claim officers tried to stop them from recording the chaos.

“My legal advisors and I were talking just prior to you coming in here, we have to find and research if there is a case-law out there,” said MPD Director Toney Armstrong.

Armstrong wouldn’t say if officers are in the wrong.

Mayor A C Wharton said if it’s true, he’s outraged.

“Unacceptable. Just point-blank,” said Wharton.

The mayor’s son, Attorney Alexander Wharton, said it’s your constitutional right to record and report officer conduct.

“In Memphis, there are no laws or ordinances that say it’s prohibited,” said Alexander Wharton.

As for Sails, he said he served 24 hours in jail for holding police accountable.

“The reason they took my phone was to cover up on their behalf, because they weren’t following procedures,” said Sails.


  • 1midtownmike says:

    The tax base in Memphis continues to shrink. You can rent a U-Haul to Memphis from surrounding areas but trying to rent one out of Memphis and you’re S O L……..a nightmare.

  • Cary Miller says:

    That’s what they make fingerprint phone locks for. Use them, folks. And keep photographing with your phones.

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    This is why MPD gets no respect. Just a gang of thugs.

  • ……… dismissed, $550.00 court cost please.

  • What about steven askew… They killed him for nothing and lied about it… and we still paying for it. SMH…..

  • Don says:

    Some people should not be allowed to have cell phones except for contacting 911.

  • Exhausted Cop Wife says:

    I guess our Mayor and his Son will be happy when the thugs he keep protecting….shoot up the entire city, going to hell in a hand basket under his Watch…sick of Memphis and it’s Mayor…Better yet, let’s hire the criminals running the city to Serve and Protect!!!!never seen a Mayor who does not stand by his officers..;rather thank speaking as a public defender!!!!! Can’t wait to GET OUT!!!!!

    • Hard Truths says:

      Please leave,.

      One of the biggest crime problems we have in Memphis is MPD. It sounds as though your husband is part of the problem.

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