Midtown Man Rescues Wife With Bayonet

(Memphis) A Midtown man is being called a hero after coming to his wife’s rescue.

Police say when a strange man followed the woman home and blocked her in the driveway, the husband came out with a World War II weapon to handle the situation.

When his wife called for help, police say her husband came out with a bayonet, which is a knife attached to a rifle, a weapon used as far back as the 17th century.

A Central Gardens woman says she was walking her dog when she heard the commotion.

“I heard screams for help,” said the neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified.

It was the screams of her neighbor panicking in her driveway when a man pulled up behind her and blocked her in.

“She opened the car door and said ‘what are you doing here?’ and he just continued walking toward her smoking a cigarette.”

Police say the wife blew her horn and yelled for husband’s help.

That’s when her husband came out of the Linden Ave house with bayonet.

He held the stranger to the ground while his wife ran for help.

“She left the car and her phone was in the car so I called the police.”

When police got there, they say the suspect David Lewis was intoxicated and tried to swing at an officer with a knife.

Authorities still don’t know what his intentions were with the wife but found a loaded gun in his car.

However, the woman’s husband took control of the situation, making sure Lewis wasn’t going anywhere to do anyone any harm.

“Pretty bold on his part and amazing that he had the presence of mind to do that,” said another neighbor.

Neighbors didn’t want to give us their names, but are calling the sword-and-gun-wielding husband a hero, and a good person to have in their neighborhood.

“I think they both handled it very well.”

Lewis has been charged with aggravated assault and possession of a handgun while intoxicated.

His bond been set at $40,000.


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