Hip-Hop Artists Say Police Victimized Them

Posted on: 5:01 pm, October 28, 2013, by , updated on: 05:46pm, October 28, 2013

(Memphis) Live music turned into outrage and arrests on Main Street, and much of it was caught on camera.

Now a group of hip-hop artists say they were victimized by police.

The group says their peaceful night of music ended with pepper spray and two people in jail, all because police handled a loud music call all wrong.

The rappers had gathered Friday night outside of K’PreSha Boutique.

People who work nearby say the event was definitely loud, even offensive, but some say police handled the situation poorly.

“Back up! Back up!” yelled an officer holding a baton.

There’s no doubt that the officer in the video meant business.

“Excuse me, excuse me,” said a man.

“Back up now! On the sidewalk!” yelled the officer.

Some wonder if the reaction and the arrests that followed were warranted.

“There was absolutely no reason to do this,” said Kara Carter, a local artist.

Carter captured it on her cell phone. She was a passerby Friday night when she stopped, mesmerized by talent and live music.

“Put your hands in the air and then put them down,” said a rapper in her video.

Carter says things turned ugly when police showed-up and the rapper with the mic started free-styling about the police.

“Which was great. They were being really fun. They were putting them in there, joking around with them and one of the officers took his arm and put handcuffs around him and we were like, ‘Hold on. Hold on. What are you doing?’”

Officers didn’t end up arresting the rapper, but did cuff two others for disorderly conduct.

You can see Nile Sugarman getting arrested in the video.

Police pepper-sprayed his eyes twice, they say to get him under arrest.

“They took him and slammed his head against the car and maced his eyes,” said Carter. “He was just standing around with everybody else and being creative.”

Carter says the night of creativity turned to chaos quick and police never made it clear what they actually wanted.

“I don`t know if there were any calls made for us being loud but there are definitely ways to let us know that.”

“On the sidewalk,” yelled the officer.

In the end, the DJ took the microphone and encouraged people to go home.

“All of this is on video. Just leave…We don’t need weapons or batons, we have each other.”

We asked the Memphis Police Department if it felt the situation was handled appropriately by the officers, but officials there have yet to get back to us.

Both men arrested were released the same night on $100 bonds.


  • nick gerz says:

    Can’t act like civilized humans, got to act like thugs all the time

  • Bozzo the Clown says:

    loud noise is loud noise, do it with ear phones, and hip hop is not talent

  • Opinions says:

    no one is ever at fault it seems for there own actions, here you have ordinances being violated. I did not hear them say they had permits to organize a group of demonstrators to preform. Further more on a personal note, I have never heard anything good about hip hop artists other than rants and vulgar slurs. Seems this is something they were trying to get.

  • me says:

    Ok with all that BS you guys are talking, let speak about the wht kid that was showing younger kids how to make bombs.

  • think says:

    These comments though….hahahahaha. Don’t be so ignorant.

  • Concerned says:

    They didn’t show the guys in the street with 40s holding up traffic on Main St. Also it is never very attracting for businesses to have to have thugs lined up on the sidewalk being loud and vulgar.

    • kyle says:

      Seriously? This was an open live music event going on all up and down main street, everyone everywhere was holding up traffic, everyone everywhere was drinking a little, these guys just made the mistake of being young and black in memphis and the cops took it too far.

  • nick gerz says:

    Finding rhymes for mother f….. is not great music

  • 1midtownmike says:

    Hip hop is not talent, as peanut butter is not science ( it’s a recipe. )

  • bigkel says:

    trying to get attention thats

    all it is

  • somebody listen says:

    K’PreSha there’s your sign…

  • Free Thinker says:


  • funkenstein says:

    I was their I was one of the bboys(breakdancer) and every one was having fun even people that was in their car was stopping to listen and people was coming from their store to come and watch and for the two guys said hip hop isn’t talent Hahaha I know you guys are white but your kids love it REAL HIP HOP: DJING BREAKIN GRAFFITI MCING

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