Did World Series Sign Mock Cancer?


ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Major League Baseball held a benefit before the 6th inning to, “Standup to Cancer.”

Announcers, players and fans held signs with the names of someone they knew whose life had been touched by the disease.

MLB had a billboard on the screen urging viewers to donate to the cause to help those dying of cancer.

Many baseball fans were offended when they saw two fans holding an unusual sign.

According to Deadspin.com, the woman holding the sign was Sarah Newlon, a former The Bachelor contestant, was holding a sign that read, “Molina.”

When many people saw the video of Newlon laughing with the Red Sox fan, they assumed she was making fun of Yadier Molina and online outraged ensued.   But, Newlon shot back on Twitter saying they weren’t laughing about cancer,  they were surprised to be on the jumbotron.

More from KTVI:

For more information on  Standup2cancer.org, click this link



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