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Father, Son Arrested After Attacking Neighbors


(Memphis) A Memphis man and his son were arrested after sheriff’s deputies say they attacked their neighbors.

According to an affidavit the victims were in their driveway in the 4400 block of Duncan late Saturday night when Jeffrey Bartram, Sr. and Jeffrey Bartram, Jr. started yelling at them from their yard across the street.

They approached the victims and started pushing, hitting and kicking them. At one point, the female victim was hit with a metal lawn table.

The male victim was able to get away and armed himself with a gun. Shelby Sheriff’s PIO, Chip Washington says the victim ordered the suspects to leave but the suspects charged at him instead.

The victim fired shots hitting Bartram, Jr. at least twice.

Both father and son are charged with 2 counts of Aggravaged Assault. Bartram, Sr. was also charged with violating the order of protection the victims had filed against him.

According to the affidavit, Bartram’s daughter was also in on the attack but is not charged.

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    • Aku

      What is it with people and trailer parks? I’ve lived in two and haven’t seen ANY of the stereotypical ‘trailer trash.’

      • BamBam84

        Something people LOVE to throw in our faces every chance they get when they know NOTHING about the individual themself. Being white does NOT mean you are privileged, and if you obviously aren’t, it ALSO does NOT mean you’re from the trailer park, or live in the country. There ARE middle grounds with everything. Something most know nothing about.

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