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Tipton Deputies Investigate Deadly Officer Involved Shooting

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(Drummonds, TN) Tipton County Sheriff's deputies said they shot and killed a man on Watkins Road Saturday night.

Deputies said they were at a home for a probation violation when another man, Jake Maese Murphy, confronted them with a gun.

Neighbors said they heard four shots fired.

Ricky Scott said he was at his grandma's across the street when family members ran inside yelling: "Deputies shot Jake!"

He heard from his cousin who was inside Murphy's home that deputies asked "Jake to come outside. He said, 'No.' They tazed him two times. He got loose from it, and he ran into his bedroom. The cops said, 'He has a gun!'"

Investigators said they are trying to find out how the argument escalated and who fired their weapon. They do not know if Murphy fired his gun.

Scott said deputies went too far.

"He would give his shirt off his back to anybody. That was the way Jake was. He would run around the neighborhood with all the family. He would help everybody," said Scott.


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