Man Surrenders After 6-Hour Standoff

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(Memphis)After barricading himself in his home for six hours, a south Memphis man surrendered peacefully to police officers.

Police say Lawrence Perry wouldn't let his girlfriend and another woman leave his house on Patton. According to the affidavit, Perry got angry with his girlfriend and hit her Friday night. Saturday morning the victim's daughter called police saying her mother was being held against her will.

Initially when officers made the scene the victim told them she didn't need police. They kept in contact with her through a cell phone and after a few minutes, she and her son were released. Nearly half an hour later three other people were able to leave the house. The suspect remained inside, negotiating with police.

"He threatened to set the house on fire. He didn't want to come out," said Memphis Police Lt. Col. Lawrence Johnson.

Patrick Owens was inside his house cooking breakfast just a couple of doors down when police knocked on his door and told him he had to go.

"It kind of scared me because I don't know what was going on. They told me to come out right now as I was, I had to go get some clothes from other people," said Owens.

Dozens of other neighbors were also evacuated for safety, then the Shelby County Tact Unit worked on getting the two women and the man out of the house.

Shelby County's Tact Unit had to do the negotiations because, the Memphis Tact Unit is under review.

MPD is looking over the Unit's policies following the October 15th standoff on Worthington, where 2 officers were shot by a murder suspect.

Police say this standoff ended peacefully. The suspect let the two women go and a short time later emerged from the house.

"It came to a successful conclusion without any injuries," Said Johnson.

Perry is charged with Aggravated Arson, Domestic Assault and Kidnapping. He remains in jail on a $95,000 bond.


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