Man Charged With Shooting At TN National Guard In Millington

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(Memphis) Amos Patton, the national guardsman accused of shooting three other guardsman Thursday, appeared before a federal court judge Friday afternoon.

Patton faces two charges for assaults with the Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction in the United States, and carry and use of a firearm during and in relation to a federal crime of violence.

Patton only nodded when the judge addressed him.

He was denied bond and given a court appointed attorney.

Patton’s wife and family friend were there for the court hearing.

People who lived in Patton’s neighborhood said he seemed like a well-liked guy.

“He was very nice very well mannered, polite as can be. He told my husband and I if we ever need any help with anything just to come next door,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

But a source tells News Channel 3 that Patton had another side that many didn’t know.

The source said the National Guard was investigating Patton after his alleged mistress filed a complaint.

According to the source, Patton was upset when the woman he was seeing, who was also a National Guardsman, tried to break things off.

The complaint filed in US District Court this morning said Patton was asked to come to the Tennessee Army National Guard Recruiting Center Thursday and was “notified that he was being relieved of duty, recommended for reduction in rank and recommended for separation from the active guard reserve because of misconduct.”

The complaint goes on to describe how Patton was asked to retrieve government equipment from his car outside.

It said Patton came back in with a fanny pack and pulled a gun.

Others in the building attempted to subdue Patton but he fired shots, hitting at least three people. Patton ran away but was subdued again.

“It could've been far worse than it has was but we had some very attentive national guard personnel that were able to take control of this situation and prevent a huge tragedy,” said FBI Special Agent Todd McCall Friday.

Patton faces no more than 20 years for the assault charge and no less than 10 for the second charge.

He is due back in court Wednesday for a detention and probably cause hearing.

SFC Amos Patton joined the Tennessee National Guard in January 1999.

He has served as an Armorer, Supply Sergeant, Recruiting & Retention NCO.

An affidavit states Patton was asked to come to the center where he was told he was being relieved of duty, having his rank reduced and being recommended for removal from the active guard rank because of misconduct.

The injured soldiers were identified as Major William J. Crawford and Sergeant Major Ricky R. McKenzie.

Both were treated and released from The MED.

Another guardsman was grazed by a bullet.

The shooting happened at 12:47 p.m. Thursday at the Army National Guard Recruiting center on Attu Street.

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