Man Badly Burned When Orange Mound Home Exploded

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(Memphis) An explosion forced two Orange Mound families from their duplex.

It happened in the 2400 block of Brooklyn.

One man is in the ICU with third degree burns more than 40 percent of his body.

Two women who were also inside the home at time were not hurt.

Thursday night, “the walls started caving in, the ceiling started caving,” Amanda Peterson said.

Peterson and her mom were watching TV inside their side of this duplex when they heard, “Boom! It was like a loud bomb going off."

The impact was so strong it scared neighbors all the way down the street.

“The entire house shook. It felt like an earthquake,” said Sheresa Gibson.

Amanda and her mom tried getting out of the house but none of the doors would open.

Neighbors kicked down the door and punched through a window.

“Pulled us out through the top,” recalled Peterson.

Miraculously, the mother and daughter were unharmed.

That's not case for the young man who lives on the other side the duplex where the roof crashed down.

“He was walking down the street, his meat was hanging off his arms. It was terrible,” described neighbor Jazmine Jones.

Neighbors say the man didn't say anything.

“It was overwhelming to see this man running down the street. I don’t know if he was in shock or if he was trying to stay cool because his skin was hot,” said Gibson.

Paramedics found him running down Lamar minutes later and rushed him to The MED.

Signs on the front of the house warn you to stay away.

It's just not safe.

Judging by how the house is leaning, neighbors say it won't be standing for long.

Despite pieces of their home now everywhere, Amanda said her faith is still standing strong.

“God was with us,” expressed Peterson.

Neighbors suspect a gas leak could be to blame for the explosion though the fire department has not concluded its investigation.

MLGW crews replaced a line shortly after it happened.


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