Officer-Involved Shooting Leaves Man Critically Wounded

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(Trumann, AR) Investigators with the Arkansas State Police are looking into an officer involved shooting in the town of Trumann in Poinsett County.

Investigators say the suspect, 21-year-old Jacob Brown, pointed a gun at a police officer after a foot chase that covered two blocks.

The shooting, which happened Tuesday, turned a normally quiet neighborhood into a crime scene.

"Yes sir, I was scared. Very scared!"

A man who didn't want to be identified said he saw Jacob Brown run across Palm Street, jump a fence and hide behind some bushes while trying to get away from Trumann police.

"And when he come out, he come out with a gun and he pointed like this at my neighbor. And a police officer chased him down the back alley. And that's when I heard three shots: pow, pow, pow," the man said.

Jacob Brown broke and ran from officers when they attempted to serve a felony warrant and a parole violation warrant to the man.

Norman Dodd also chased Brown when he saw the man running through his back yard.

"And I was about ten to fifteen feet behind him. And then I lost him in the heavy bushes over here," said Dodd.

Dodd told police Brown jumped a fence and ran into a neighbor's yard.

The tall bushes kept Norman Dodd from clearly seeing what happened, but he had no trouble "hearing" how the foot chase finally ended.

"They was telling him to get on the ground. The second time they said, ' you either get on the ground or we'll shoot.' And they give another last warning to get on the ground. And I guess he didn't get on the ground and I heard three rounds go off. It just went boom, boom, boom. And I heard somebody scream," said Dodd.

Dodd said Jacob Brown was running so fast that he couldn't tell if he had a gun or not.

But investigators say a pistol was found and a Trumann police officer fired the shots that hit Brown.

The incident happened in Kathryn Raymond's back yard.

She said it was hard to sleep Tuesday night.

"It's kind of scary, it is. But I went down and spent the night in my house by myself and it was okay. But it was kind of spooky," Kathryn Raymond said.

Jacob Brown is in critical condition at The MED.

Wednesday morning in Trumann we spoke with Brown's father who said he has a lot of questions about the shooting.

He declined an on camera interview because he was headed to The MED to see his son.

The name of the police officer involved has not been released.