Le Bonheur Uses Backup Plan After Hospital Wing Grounds Its Helciopters

(Memphis)  Emergency Services at Le Bonheur Hospital figured out what the hospital will do following a tragic helicopter crash.

Hospital Wing voluntarily grounded its helicopters while federal agents investigate what caused a Hospital Wing chopper to crash into a field in Fayette County, killing a pilot and two Le Bonheur nurses.

"Local ambulances and local air services around the region have been very good about supporting us and providing transportation for our region," said Emergency Services Director Barry Gilmore.

Gilmore said right now, the helicopters transporting children will not have specialized teams like the crew killed in the crash.

He said nurse Carrie Barlow, respiratory therapist Denise Adams, and pilot Charles Smith were one of a kind.

Today, their families are grieving. Adams' family spent the day at the funeral home. Smith's friends are still full of tears.

"He flew a helicopter for this, and he would give his life to save a life.  I mean that was just the kind of person he was. He was definitely a good-hearted person," said Shelia Mullins.


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