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Four Arrested After AR-15 Rifles Disappear

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(Memphis) The AR-15 rifle has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years due to its use in several high profile crimes and shootings.

The AR-15 fires one bullet per trigger pull and is considered a semi-automatic weapon.

It’s the same type of gun used in the Aurora Theater shooting.

A truck load of them left a factory in Connecticut two weeks ago, but when they got to Shreveport, Louisiana, a pallet full of the rifles was missing.

Sixty-three of the weapons disappeared somewhere between Connecticut and Louisiana.

It’s possible they are on the streets of Memphis.

Law enforcement in our area said they haven’t been tipped off of anything just yet.

Authorities in Louisiana have arrested four men who were in charge of getting the weapons where they were going safely.

It’s unclear where in Louisiana the 63 weapons were headed.

You can buy an AR-15 almost anywhere.


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