Does It Work: Singing Table And Rock It 3.0

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The $30 "Singing Table" and the $10 "Rock It 3.0" are portable musical devices that claim to turn any object into a speaker.

DJ Lancey Joe helped us test these two products on a series of different objects. We placed them on a cardboard box, and they were both able to transform it into a speaker.

We had similar results using a cooler and a trashcan, but neither preformed well on solid objects like a table and a chair.

Both products worked best when you place them on hollow objects like a box or a trashcan.

The "Singing Table "delivered more power than the "Rock It 3.0," but that extra power also distorted the sound on most objects.

We "PASSED" the "Singing Table" and the "Rock It 3.0," but we were more impressed with the "Rock It 3.0" because of its clearer sound quality at a much lower price.

We purchased both products on