Man Paralyzed After Night Out on Beale Street

(Memphis) A Memphis man is recovering after a night out on Beale Street ended tragically.

Cody Rapp, 23, was celebrating a new job while at Coyote Ugly on Beale Street.

Rapp was with friends last month when he fell off a mechanical bull and was no longer able to move.

“He fell off the bull and he couldn’t move. And then one of the bouncers tried to forge his name on a release paper saying they weren’t responsible. His friend took the paper and ripped it up and the bouncer tackled his friend on to Cody’s head,” said Cody’s fiance Lacey McGregor.

McGregor and Rapp have an infant son and are planning on getting married soon.

Since the accident, Rapp has had several surgeries.

“It’s huge. It’s got to be over $100,000 already with as many x-rays and as many surgeries that he has already had,” said Lacey about the medical bills.

That is one reason friends of Cody and Lacey are working to raise money to help the couple.

Cody didn’t have health insurance at the time of the incident.

You can go to to help.

“It’s changed everything. Everything is different now, but it’s okay. In time it’s going to get better, we will settle and get used to it,” said McGregor.


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