Woman Robbed While Selling Candy In Neighborhood

(Memphis) Lue Abram got resourceful when her Social Security check wasn’t cutting it. She stocked up on sweets and started selling them to neighborhood kids.

She is known as “Big Momma” or “The Candy Lady” in her Westwood neighborhood.

She had two customers over the weekend who said they didn’t have enough money for their sweets after she had already bagged them up.

“I went to take stuff out the sack. This is my money bag, he reached behind me, grabbed it and ran out the door that quick,” said Abram.

They snatched her silver steel money-box and the $16 she had inside.

Memphis Police must know Big Momma too — they sent several cars out, and within minutes caught two young men and found her money-box tossed in front of Westwood Elementary.

“It hurts, she’s a nice lady, she been here a long time,” said Maurice Moore, Abram’s next door neighbor.

He is watching out for her day and night now, making sure she’s safe.

Abram never thought her little sweet shop could cause trouble.

She was back on the job the very next day, just more on guard.

One of the two police arrested is 18-year-old Darius Walton, the other suspected robber is underage.


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