Teen’s Birthday Ends With a Fire Destroying His Family’s Home

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(Memphis) A fire in Westwood left a family of seven without a home and the father in the hospital.

Family members said the dad went to check on the circuit breaker box when it blew up.

"He was just singed. All of his hair on his face and hair was singed. They are taking him [to the hospital] as a precaution, but he is numb in his face. He has no feeling," said the mother Carmen Buchanan.

Buchanan and her five children made it out of the home safely.

Today is her son Ryan's birthday.

"Today is a gift. I thought it was going to get better, but not everyone gets a chance like this. I'm just trying to tell you that I am smiling, because I feel alive," said Ryan Stovall.

Buchanan said she told her landlord there were electrical problems.

"We called him on Thursday. We told him you need to come out here. There is something wrong. They never came," said Buchanan.

Buchanan did trying calling the landlord while News Channel 3 was on the scene. He did not answer her calls.

Little was recovered from the fire. The family did not have renter's insurance. They recently moved into the home and had not set it up yet.

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