Woman Killed After Being Set On Fire

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(Memphis) A man admitted to setting his girlfriend on fire and killing her in their house on Coleman, near Highland.  Gregory Powell is now charged with first degree murder.

“There sure was a lot going on last night. They had the whole street blocked off. They taped all the way down, they blocked the corner,” said neighbor Jimmy Drum.

Memphis Police swarmed the street after they say 57-year-old Powell walked into 201 Poplar and turned himself in for setting his girlfriend on fire. Police then rushed to the couple's home to try and save Powell’s girlfriend, but it was too late. She was dead.

Detectives say Powell told them the two got into an argument. That's when Powell hit the victim over the head and she blacked out. Police records show Powell admitted to then dragging his unconscious girlfriend into the bathtub, dousing her with gasoline, striking a flame and then watching her burn before leaving their home.

“That’s so much different than shooting somebody or stabbing somebody setting on fire. That's just unreal,” said Drum.

Drum calls the murder a tragedy but says he didn't know the couple well, they just moved in about a month ago.

According to court records, this is the first time Powell has faced violence related charges in Shelby County.


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