Woman Hit by Fire Truck Speaks about Recovery

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Memphis) It’s been a struggle for a mother and her baby boy to recover months after their crash with a Memphis fire truck.  It happened August 8th at the intersection of Ridgeway and Nonconnah. Kamilah Robinson is just now able to talk about what happened.

Hit by a fire truck, it’s not difficult to believe that she's been spending most of her time lying on a couch.

“I had a total of ten surgeries,” she said.  “I have a trachea in my throat.”

Two months later, her son, one-year-old Cartravian is learning how to walk again, “He suffered brain injuries.”

He doesn't talk anymore.

In August, the two of them were headed down Ridgeway, when witnesses say a Memphis fire engine, with its lights and sirens on, ran a red light and plowed into their car. Looking at the damage, only a miracle explains why they're even alive at all.

The accident has taken a toll, even on Kamilah's fiancé who takes care of her and their son full-time.

“It’s been devastating,” said Carlos Adams.  “I can`t explain.  I have never experienced anything like this ever in my life.”

“I can`t do anything for my children and it hurts because I know they need me,” said Robinson in tears.  “It hurts bad.”

Kamilah has four other children being cared for now by her sister.

Life just isn't the same when doctor visits take up their days, and neither of them can work.

“It’s really stressful,” said Adams.

However, Kamilah says she doesn't blame the fire fighters for the accident.

“I forgive them,” she said.

She can also see the blessings even through all of the pain, “I just want to help people appreciate their life and stop complaining because your life is precious.”

“That’s the main thing. I am so grateful to have them back. Both of them,” said Adams.

If you would like to help Kamilah and her family get back on their feet, you can call Carlos and Kamilah at 901-333-9222.


  • Susan Hesson Andersen

    Every human has a trachea in their throat. Perhaps Ms. Robinson has a tracheotomy? smh. And she honestly should be charged with failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. I thought I’d read earlier that her family was suing the city on her behalf because she and her son were injured by the fire truck? Whatever happened to that suit? Did it go away because it was determined to be an invalid suit?

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