Fullilove Fallout Embarrassing Some Voters

Posted on: 3:56 pm, October 18, 2013, by , updated on: 04:19pm, October 18, 2013

(Memphis) Fallout from video of Councilwoman Janis Fullilove seemingly impaired at Tuesday’s city council meeting is getting attention from a lot of people.

That attention includes council members looking into the legality of Fullilove casting votes to spend millions of your dollars with questionable judgment.

Some of Fullilove’s questionable actions at the meeting include falling into a fellow council member while he was whispering in her ear.

The city’s camera operator quickly turned from the shot.

She also said something provocative about prostitutes during a discussion about a motel license, “You just don’t know honey they be rocking it.”

If it’s found that nothing illegal happened at city hall, but the majority of council members take issue with the actions of another council person, all they can do is pass a resolution called a censure to publicly reprimand that person.

Voters in Fullilove’s district are the only ones who can really do anything about it by voting against her.

After Tuesday’s meeting and a past DUI and domestic assault arrest, voters like Rickterio Ward aren’t happy.

“I’m very ashamed of her right now. I don’t think she should be a council person at all,” said Ward.

Bernetha Malone also lives in Fullilove’s District 8, but has a different take on the council woman, “She speaks her mind. She just tells it how it is, and she’s not afraid to say what it really is.”

Councilman Shea Flinn walked Fullilove out of Tuesday’s meeting and gave News Channel 3  a statement saying, “I took her out for a conversation on public service, the wear and tear it has on all of us. I am going to leave it at that.”

Fullilove was last re-elected in 2011 and won’t come up for another election until 2015.


  • mission says:

    It could be worse.

  • mission says:

    She needs to be gone, now.

  • Bozzo the Clown says:

    good thing for her that the people that voted her in “dey don’t knows no betta”

  • Bozzo the Clown says:

    go away like little king williebug

  • Mike H. says:

    ““She speaks her mind. She just tells it how it is, and she’s not afraid to say what it really is.”

    I’m afraid you are wrong. She really doesn’t know what “it” really is. She is a practicing alcoholic and not in her right mind.

    Those of you that continually vote for her are enabling her to destroy herself.

    She is in the grips of a progressive, fatal disease and unless she stops, you may not have her to vote for again.

  • Laz Jemison says:

    This is a great example of why there is no future living in Memphis. The Memphis “majority” has returned this idiot to office several times after arrests, convictions, incoherent outbursts, etc. The same idiots who returned thief Rickey Repeeter to office after he finished his stint in the federal joint. Then, he did it again.

    The low IQ’s are calling the shots in Memphis.

  • 1midtownmike says:

    Anyone who would continue to vote this whacko into office is just as crazy as Fullilove.

    Go figure why the taxbase in Memphis continues to diminish.

  • Dr.JSnow says:

    If we did not have Janis to laugh at who would be the “official city clown” of Memphis. You have to admit she has done a great job in the last several years.

  • TPA says:

    This is EXACTLY what the dimwits that keep voting this nimrod in deserve…KEEP IT UP YOUR DOING GREAT,,said no one…

  • Non Anon says:

    lets give her a seventh chance….

  • whoyoukiddin says:

    Don’t worry, she will be re-elected. Her constituents see nothing wrong with her behavior and they probably don’t pay taxes so they don’t care how she votes.

  • Dèja Brew says:

    She’s a puppet for the government. Her behavior isn’t going to change.

  • Bozzo the Clown says:

    I didn’t know blacks had blonde hair, lol

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