Shelby DA Ordered To Investigate Madison Co. Sheriff

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(Memphis) Madison County’s District Attorney General Jerry Woodall says his office works too closely with the sheriff`s office to be involved in an investigation of Sheriff David Woolfork.

A judge is appointing Shelby County's District Attorney General Amy Weirich to investigate.

Madison County Deputy Sharon Sangster says she was at home when Sheriff Woolfork banged on the door and ordered her to let him in.

She says he grabbed her and said he wanted to get back together and have sex.

Sangster says Woolfork had been drinking, and when her married boss went outside to urinate she called for help.

Since then she's filed for an order of protection.

There haven't been any charges or arrests yet because officials are still investigating, and the sheriff`s attorney says they're not going to find anything because this is just a political attack to disgrace his name.

“Sometimes when police are called to an instance like this where it’s unfounded or they don't find any evidence there's been an assault then no arrest is made, and that’s certainly our position of what happened,” said Woolfork’s attorney Mark Donahoe.

Woolfork says he was there to talk about work.

Tom Henderson with the Shelby County DA’s Office says stepping in to take over an investigation isn't unusual.

“District attorneys, if they become disqualified or if there is an appearance there may be bias they get the district attorneys board to get a district attorney pro tem who is already on the payroll,” said Henderson.

All of the findings will be in court next week when a judge will decide if that order of protection against the sheriff should be approved.