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Memphis Man Escapes Burning Home

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(Memphis) A man escaped his burning home after the smell of smoke eventually sent him running for safety.

He was home alone inside his house on Jeff Jolly Drive and ignored several signs something might be wrong, before getting out Thursday morning.

“I’m thankful I woke up and got out,” said Harvey Branch.

He says it’s a miracle he escaped in time to call firefighters, “I got smoke detectors. I got ADT, none of it went off.”

But Branch had a feeling something was wrong.

Wednesday afternoon he thought he smelled smoke inside his house, “I unplugged my air conditioning. That’s what I thought it was the A/C.”

Hours later, Branch was dozing off watching TV and his power went off.

That’s when he discovered a fire burning in the back of his home.

Neighbor Percy Hunter is thankful his friend of more than 40 years escaped unharmed.

He’s warning other neighbors to make sure they have an escape plan in case of an emergency, especially because of how the homes in the area are built.

“You have no back door, all the doors are up front. If you get caught back there, you’re trapped and you can’t go out the window. That’s it,” said Hunter.

Branch has a warning too, “I thank God that I’m here. If you think you smell smoke you need to get out of the house.”

Firefighters say the blaze started from a faulty breaker box in the laundry room.


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