Janis Fullilove Accused of Being Drunk at Council Meeting

Posted on: 4:31 pm, October 17, 2013, by , updated on: 05:21pm, October 17, 2013

(Memphis) Memphis City Council members say the city’s attorney is looking into Councilwoman Janis Fullilove’s actions while on the board.

They say Fullilove shows up to meetings drunk and votes on items involving millions of your dollars.

A number of sources at city hall say Janis Fullilove was impaired, in some way, Tuesday.

We haven’t seen or heard from her since she was taken out of the meeting, but with a history of alcohol and personal problems her judgment is in question.

There were warning signs Fullilove may have been impaired.

In a city recording, she repeatedly asks the speaker to repeat what she is saying.

It also shows Councilman Joe Brown walks over to Fullilove.

As the councilwoman appears to fall into Brown, the city’s camera operator quickly swings off of them.

Later, during a discussion about a hotel, Fullilove comments about prostitution at the location.

“You just don’t know honey, they be rocking it,” announced Fullilove during the official meeting of the city council.

After the vote, council members rushed over to Fullilove and someone walked her out of the chamber.

Council members say Fullilove’s excessive use of alcohol is no secret.

In 2012, she was arrested with her husband after an alcohol fueled fight.

When Fullilove had the choice of going to rehab or jail, she didn’t choose, and a judge ultimately cleared her.

WREG commentator Otis Sanford says Fullilove has been intoxicated at a council meeting before, “At best this is unprofessionalism, at worst it is messing with the public`s business.”

“In these kinds of situations the only person who can really fix the problem is Janis herself,” said Councilman Jim Strickland.

Strickland says Fullilove was censured a few years back for a DUI arrest, but publicly reprimanding her is all council can do.

“The true people who can hold us accountable is the public on Election Day,” said Strickland.

News Channel 3 went to Fullilove’s home and tried to call her, but our messages were not returned.


  • hateliberalcommies says:

    HAHAHA,,Just another day for Full-o-booze,,what a joke..

  • good old janice fullaliquor! always good for a laugh, now how long will it take her to blame racists on the council

  • Steve Tapp says:

    No, Jim, you can give the people a recall mechanism that is feasible: not too easy, but not too hard either.

  • Don says:

    Sniff, Sniff…

  • mission says:

    No way, she is no better then our beloved Congress in Washington. They keep getting voted in, and destroying our country. No difference in our city council.

  • Alex Craig says:

    Shows the intelligence level of the people that live in her district. What a bunch of idiots.

  • 1midtownmike says:

    Who in their right mind would elect such a disgrace to city government?

    That alone says a lot about Memphis.

    Would the last taxpayer on their way out please turn off the lights?

  • it was the fault of those smart meters!

  • Joe Williams says:

    The fools in Memphis continue to re-elect this buffoon. Uneducated leeches voting for a person not qualified to push a broom in city hall.

    Keep it real Memphis…. Your city is a joke to the rest of the country. Talk about a dumbed down city.

    • JOHN WAYNE says:

      do you live in Memphis, probably not fool, see people can call you names to joie… how many time have you voted for the clown curry todd, collierville town drunk, ;but yet you people keep putting him in !!

  • Mark Reasons says:

    Wow…makes Prince Mongo look like a Rhodes scholar.

  • Freddie Young says:

    It’s great knowing an alcoholic is in public representing taxpayers and making decisions for us. People in other cities call Memphis a mini-Detroit…we are number one in crime…and listed as a dangerous city to live in so who would want to move here… Watch your local news especially Channel 3 to know what’s going on….and see her on tv…then decide.

  • bmw120 says:

    I’m sure Ophilia told her it was okay. Good stuff LOL.

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    And then ghettoites wonder why Memphis are considered irrelevant at the state level. Between this train wreck and Ford they don’t deserve any representation at the state level.

  • whoyoukiddin says:

    This has been going on forever and the great citizens of Memphis keep re-electing her. Had the judge done his part and put her in jail then she would not be on the council.

  • DALTON JONES says:

    he who is without sin CAST THE FIRST STONE.

  • Dèja Brew says:

    No surprise

  • k c says:

    Wow Nonya! Very intelligent comment. “Memphis ARE considered irrelevant”. It’s a good thing the rest of the state has someone as bright as yourself to speak for them

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