MPD Say Attitudes Toward Police Are More Hostile

(Memphis) The two Memphis police officers shot in the leg during a nearly 5 hour standoff Tuesday are out of the hospital recovering at home.

The police department is investigating exactly what happened during that standoff that left the suspect Aaron Dumas dead in the bath tub of the burning house.

MPD says when TACT officers came to arrest Dumas for a double shooting he immediately started shooting which is something officers have grown to expect.

“We’re use to shootings and ducking and dodging. It’s horrible. But we’re getting accustomed. It’s bad to be accustomed to something like that,” said Lois Williams.

Williams feels like Memphis is more like the wild wild west than her neighborhood.

She was just trying to walk to the store as her neighborhood was barricaded because Aaron Dumas was shooting at officers trying to arrest him.

“I respect law enforcement. And I think everyone else should too. But that’s just not the case,” said Williams.

Respect is something she sees missing from the public’s interaction with police officers like Timothy Jackson and Paul Hutchinson.

Jackson and Hutchinson were both shot in the leg by Dumas during a standoff.

Officers knew Dumas would be heavily armed which is why they sent the TACT Unit to serve the warrant.

During the standoff officers shot chemical agents in to force him out and that’s when he started shooting.

“You have an individual here who clearly demonstrated he has no regard for human life,” said Police Director Toney Armstrong.

Armstrong said Tuesday’s shooting is a reminder of how dangerous police work can be and an eerie flash back to just after the murder of Officer Martoiya Lang nearly a year ago.

“The number one driving force in all of these is people arming themselves and choosing to challenge police officers,” said Armstrong in January of 2013.

So far three officers have been shot in the line of duty this year.

Last year five officers were shot.


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