Family Left Homeless After Police Stand-Off

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(Memphis) A family of five has been left homeless after the police stand-off that left two officers shot, a suspect dead, and a house burned to the ground.

The police officers are both going to be okay but the family who lived in the home where the shoot-out took place is going to have to start all over again.

The house is unlivable.

The fire department says the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it all started because of a man who didn’t want to surrender to police.

James Pegues came out Wednesday morning to take a look at the house he lived in for 16 years along with his wife.

“That’s all she said. It’s all gone,” said Rose Pegues.

The couple says they had given the Worthington home to their daughter, Bridget.

“The Red Cross put them up last night,” said James.

The house is now rubble from a police stand-off.

“They had assault rifles and everything,” said neighbor William Catron.

Police evacuated people like Catron out of their homes when one officer was shot, then another. Then the suspect Aaron Dumas was found dead in the bathtub.

The fire started in the middle of the chaos with "the smoke bomb burned that house down,” said Rose.

While fire investigators haven't released the cause of the fire, police say Dumas died of smoke inhalation and so did a dog left behind when Bridget escaped with her three children.

“I am sad about the dog and just everything man,” said Catron.

Catron says he'd seen Dumas' face before several times on his street, but Bridget's parents say they had no idea she might have had a friend accused of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend and her brother and who would be willing to fight police until death and cause a situation like this.

“This is a loss for her. A loss for her,” said Rose.

“You can't bring it back. You can't bring it back. All you can do is depend upon God to help you through it,” said James.

The family is in a motel provided by the Red Cross.