Does It Work: The “Air Curler”

(WREG) Carla Parker has used all sorts of products to transform her straight hair into a curly hairstyle.

The rollers and curling iron both do the trick, but she's excited to try the "Air Curler."

The $15 dollar product attaches to your hair dryer and claims to be the easiest way to get those playful curls.

Carla has a tough time putting it together, and an even tougher time keeping it in place on her hair dryer…it keeps falling off!

Carla has to hold the "Air Curler" in place, which makes it difficult to keep her hair where it is supposed to be.  The "Air Curler" did add a slight curl to her hair, but was not able to curl her daughter's hair.

The hassle of having to hold it in place combined with the unimpressive results is why "Air Curler" FAILED our "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased the "Air Curler" at Walgreens for $14.99

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