Suspect’s Ex-Girlfriend Says Officer Involved Shootings Could Have Been Avoided

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(Memphis) Aaron Dumas was no stranger to trouble.

Before police said he shot his ex-girlfriend and her brother, he set another woman's SUV on fire.

Police said 32-year-old Aaron Dumas shot two officers and then shot himself Tuesday.

"I felt like Aaron suffered from some sort of mental illness," said Sabrina Johnson.

Johnson dated Dumas and said she had a violent history with Him.

He abused her physically and mentally.

Last August, he set two of her cars on fire after he threatened her life.

He was arrested and had a court date this Thursday.

"He told me he wasn't going back to jail. Last April, he told me he would kill as many police as he needed to, then he would kill me, and then he would make [police] kill him."

Police said Dumas tried killing his recent ex-girlfriend Anglique White and her brother Christopher earlier this week.

In an interview with News Channel 3, White's mother Bonita warned people about Dumas.

"He is armed and dangerous. He is known to have multiple weapons," said Bonita White.

Johnson feels today's shootings could have been avoided.

She said police did nothing last week after she told them Dumas violated his restraining order and stalked her home.

"He was sick. They don't care. They don't care about no law. They don't care about restraints," said Johnson.

Johnson said Dumas had two teenage boys.

Bonita White said Angelique and her brother are in stable condition.

Doctors are not sure if Angelique will ever be able to walk again, but they have faith that she will beat the odds.

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