City Working to Demolish Raleigh “Hazard”

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(Memphis) The City of Memphis is one step closer to condemning the Garden Walk Condos in Raleigh.

The complex has attracted crime for months and Tuesday city inspectors were out there in force building a case for demolition.

The inspection came a day after thieves targeted the neglected complex.

If you want to walk around in some of the abandoned condos, you might want to wear protective gear too.

“The white suits are because some of the units might be flea-infested,” said Anthony Muhammad, supervisor for the Division of Public Works Code Enforcement.

The units are filled, and surrounded by, trash, graffiti, homeless animals and whatever thieves haven't stolen yet.

Monday night police said three men tried to haul off a bathtub, heating unit, and air conditioner out of one of the units, but got caught with their van and burglary tools in tow.

Police say crime at the complex has been constant since the Garden Walk Condos were mostly abandoned.

“This started in January,” said Muhammad.

People moved out when the condo association fell behind on utility bills and MLGW cut off water to all of the homes.

Now, the city of Memphis says only four homes are occupied and more than 130 of them are left empty to rot.

“They have been vandalized, the gangs have invaded the community,” said Muhammad. “They are about to be condemned by Environmental Court Judge Potter.”

About a dozen inspectors suited-up to take final notes on whether each of these homes are livable or not.

The information collected Tuesday will be presented to Judge Potter November 19 and he will be making a decision as to whether the condos should be demolished.

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